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PostSubject: Commands   Commands EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 2:36 pm

  • -AR/All Randon: Each Builder/Titan will receive a random Builder/Titan. (You have a 10% chance to gain 50 bonus health. Builders start with 70 wood, and Titans start with 5 extra Gold.)
  • -Random: Randoms a Builder/Titan for the triggering Player. (Same bonus are above.)
  • -RM/Rune Mode: 3 spots of the map will periodically spawn 1 rune ever 2-3 minutes, if a rune is currently in use or not found yet, no other runes will spawn.
  • -Titan: If the Titan leaves and no Minion Players are found, for 15 seconds any player can volunteer to be the Titan before the game will end.
  • -Swap: When a Player types -Swap, it creates a dialog for the Titan; if the Titan chooses Yes the Titan and the Builder swap teams.
  • -Builder: If you are in an Observer slot and a Builder leaves you can type -Builder(EG* -builder 4) to take control of his/her's Builder. (If the Builder was votekicked out of the game they can not be taken over.)
  • -NV/No Vanish: If a Player leaves and this is on, their Units will not be removed after 30 seconds, and all active Builders gain 100% control of that unit.
  • -Obs/-Observer: If you are a Minion player you can remove yourself from play and become an observer. (If the Titan kicks you from his team you will become an observer too.)
  • -GL/Game Leader: Shows who the current Game Leader is.

Vote Kick
The Game Leader can bring up a list of all currently active Players.
Once the Game Leader chooses a player to votekick all players besides Game Leader/Choose Player/Titan will be shown a Dialog asking if they wish to votekick this Player.
After 30 seconds the votes will be added up. If Yes > No then the Player will be kicked from the game.
A Vote Kicked Player's Builder cannot be controlled by any Players who type -Builder.
While a vote kick is active no other votes can start.
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