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 Builder / Titan List

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Builder / Titan List Empty
PostSubject: Builder / Titan List   Builder / Titan List EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 1:54 pm

Quote :
Here's what we have so far, the names are temporary.

Builder / Titan List 33fdx77
The Reaper is a basic Builder.
Builder / Titan List 1tvwnr
This Builder was a request from Sickle to make.
The Zealot/Immortal are his basic Summons and the Archon is his Heroic Summon.

Builder / Titan List 21n1h1e
The Dark Stalker is the "gold" type Builder that requires "gold" to setup his defense.

Builder / Titan List Akeijn
The Zergling is another baser with more of a supporter "Hunter".
Note: The 2 smaller Zerglings are there for only visual purpose and nothing more.

Builder / Titan List 11i1o2t
The Dark Templar doesn't have much thought into it at the moment but all is known for it right now is that it will be a Hunter.


Builder / Titan List 2rf63j7

Builder / Titan List Oa3hxu
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Builder / Titan List
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